Frame Building

Most people will adequately fit on a stock bicycle frame, but I strive to go beyond adequate fit. I believe the best cycling experience comes through careful positioning, balanced weight distribution, and neutral steering. When I build you a bike, I am building a bike to fit your unique flexibility and bone structure.


I build with steel tubing because I appreciate the unique ride that a well-made steel frame provides. Contrary to the current marketing and media spin, steel bicycles do not have to be heavy. Frames created out of modern high-strength, air-hardened, heat-treated steels are as light or lighter than the current crop of aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber frames.


I utilize investment cast lugs and low temperature silver brazing on my frames because a low-temperature, lugged joint is simply the strongest joining method there is. Production builders will weld tubing because they want to save on the labor costs that are associated with precision finishing work. But building frames one at a time, as I do, makes those cost and labor savings unnecessary.

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